Jun 29, 2014
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Jun 24, 2014
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Jun 23, 2014
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Johnny said once, Eating with someone is really intimate
and it’s stuck with me. So I decline dates at restaurants
because he’s right and it’s too soon and, anyway,
maybe I’ll hate how these long-necked boys
who don’t know how to hold a fork eat. I’ve written
a lot of things for him, Johnny, more than he knows about.
I am 22 now so naturally I miss everyone.
I am 22 so I roll my eyes when someone says love.
Dad has the air conditioner all the way up but I’m still
waking up sweating. My brother has taken to degrading
women in that casual way that boys do—flick of the shoulder,
dark-eyed, he is my father in miniature, but I love him,
as sisters do, even if I don’t agree with his mouth.
I wanted this poem to go somewhere important
but I keep looking over my shoulder. I hate mornings.
I keep spilling my guts out to strangers on the internet,
and this is not the first time I waxed my legs for a boy.
We’re all fighting over who we’re going to take home
and I’m still pretending I can play the clarinet.
Everyone keeps complimenting my nail beds.
Remember mood rings? Mine stays black.
Kristina Haynes, “Johnny Said Once” (via fleurishes)

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Jun 23, 2014
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Jun 23, 2014
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Jun 20, 2014
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I just hope that one day—preferably when we’re both blind drunk—we can talk about it.
J.D. Salinger (via vonmoire)

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Jun 20, 2014
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I laughed and said, Life is easy. What I meant was, Life is easy with you here, and when you leave, it will be hard again.
Miranda July, No One Belongs Here More Than You (via thelavenderbones)
Jun 19, 2014
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Jun 19, 2014
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Blue Houses of San Francisco

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Jun 19, 2014
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Reasons To Be Happy:

  1. Dead trees still stand and so can you.
  2. You have five fingers on each hand. One day those fingers will travel from your lap to someone else’s and that person will know all the bad stuff and still want to kiss you. 
  3. Seasons are guaranteed when nothing else seems to be.

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Jun 8, 2014
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Jun 8, 2014
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Jun 7, 2014
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world cup

world cup

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Jun 7, 2014
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Connect yourself with people who are searching for the same freedom.
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Jun 7, 2014
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Bon Iver & St. Vincent - Rosyln


Tune of the Week #5 - Roslyn by Bon Iver & St. Vincent

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